About Us

Container Solutions India is a Bangalore based venture, specializing in the unique and innovative use of shipping containers to create strong and cost-effective structures for regular use.

We design and construct Mobile Residential units, Mobile Office, Container Holiday Homes, Container Hotels, Container Hostels, Container Restaurants, Container Cafes, Container Swimming Pools and Climbing Walls using shipping containers. Shipping containers provide a new approach towards building modular, eco-friendly and cost-effective structures. Useful spaces are created by arranging and joining containers in various positions. Container stuctures are not only eco-friendly but take considerably less time to build than traditional structures.

We have designed and constructed India’s First Container Home at Bangalore. The home comprises of four 20ft long shipping containers and total built-up area of around 1500sqft. This is one of kind house where shipping containers are used as the building blocks of a residential structure.