India’s 1st Container Home at Bangalore

Shipping containers have always intrigued us with their strength and versatility. Taking a step further in using shipping containers in our daily lives, how about living in one with the family?

India's 1st Container Home at Bangalore

Container Homes are a new approach towards modular, eco-friendly and cost effective housing. Useful spaces are created by arranging and joining containers in various positions. Arranging containers is similar to arranging lego bricks, except that the bricks are atleast 20ft long, 8ft wide and 8ft high.

Container Home in Bangalore, India

Container homes are a popular concept in Western countries, but in India, it has never been done before. In our case, we have used 2 old shipping containers to create a house equipped with a Living room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom and Balcony.

The entire complex consists of four containers, two making up the container home and other two being used as office space and bachelor pad.

In our previous Endeavour, we created a comfortable and cozy living unit using a single container.

The two containers act as two modular units of the house. One container is converted into a bedroom cum bathroom.

Container Home in Bangalore, India

And the other container serves as the kitchen area and dining area.

Windows and Doors have been cut on the container sides to provide easy access. The container are placed in an L-shape, with other L becoming a 12ft by 12ft living room. The house boasts of a very unique wall made out of glass beer bottles, with a bullock cart wheel at its center.(as can be seen below)

Container Home in Bangalore, India

The doors of the containers have been opened out to get extra 4ft of floor space as can be seen in the above photograph.

The possibilities with containers are endless, they open a completely new way of creating strong and cost-effective structures for regular use. Shipping containers are ideal building blocks for making comfortable and eco-friendly houses. Container Homes are not only economical to make but take considerably less time to build when compared to traditional houses.

Welcome to the world of Container Homes.